• Controlled by a technologically advanced microprocessor guaranteeing high reliability.
  • Equipped with 2-steps boost & 1-step buck AVR to stabilize output voltage.
  • Management software is designed to monitor and control UPS status (Optional).
  • USB port and cable for managing functions via PC (Optional).
  • Built-in DC start function enables UPS to be started without AC power supplied..
  • Constant current, constant voltage battery charger (CCCV Battery Charger).
  • No-load shut down function (UPS Green mode).
  • UPS will charge itself even though power switch is off (Off mode charging).
  • UPS will shut down upon battery low ; UPS will restart automatically upon AC recovery (Auto-restart).
  • Over / under voltage protection (UPS will go to battery mode).
  • Modem / phone line protection RJ-11 or RJ-45 (Optional).
  • Lightning / surge protection 175 joules.

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